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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Quick Update!

Well hello my fellow bloggers!!!  Just in case your wondering, I am still here...LOL It just feels like I haven't been on here for awhile...  I've just been busy with life itself and the great news is I actually have some photo sessions coming up! Yay!!! I just finished 3 within the last few weeks!  If you click on, you'll be able to see the first 2 that I did. I am still working on the third one:)   Here's a couple:)  You guys have a blessed evening.. XO Till next time!

Part II Sesh with my lil' sis Jazzy

Tea & Dolls (Sweet Fancy Faces/ Collaboration)
Sweet Photo Boutique by Me...
Fancy Hair Candy by Amber Suguitan
Making Faces by April Ignacio

Maternity Session 
(In the process of editing)
Stay Tuned in Sweet Photo Boutique

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Poly Stitch

I must introduce you to Ivy Ladiao, who is the creator of Poly Stitch!!!  She is another friend of mine who is extremely creative & crafty!  She can make the Cutest Unique Clutches & have some fun making jewelry from Charm Necklaces to Earrings & Rings! If you are interested in having something made, you should definitely check her blog out at You can also leave her a comment on her blog if you are interested!

I mentioned that my Hubby made me a Vintage Cork Board for my birthday a few blogs ago. Well we have made 2 more for our friends.  One of them is Ivy and she wanted to do a trade. So I agreed... 

Below is what I made for her... I am actually going to make her some Decorative Thumb Tacks to go along with this.  She sent me some pics of the Cork Board along with some of her jewelry and reminder notes. The frame is Turquoise and the inside is black and white fabric with crackle prints...  You like her work station?? Thanks Ivy!

Here is a close up!  Look at some of her Accessories!

My Poly Stitch Fix!!!  XO

Monday, June 13, 2011

Brunch Date with Missy & Baby Di Maggio

Girl Time  Dates are always Great!
Along with some Yummy Food and Dessert so Good=) LOL

Jai & Miss

She also brought baby Jaysen with her. He is too cute!  So glad I got to hang out with this little guy

When Missy & I took the close up above, we turned around and he had chocolate all over his face!  He sure swallowed that cookie!!! Hahahahahaha Sooo funny! 


YUM! I found another place that make these:)  I still want to try their sandwiches...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Ranch at the Little Hills ♥

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Courtland Calimquim!
It is always a blessing for two individuals coming together as one under God! You can totally see the LOVE that they have for each other!  It was a romantic evening!  Due to the rain, the ranch had tents all around, but that's what made it even more romantic & intimate ♥  I wish I took more pictures from this night...
Congrats once again=)

Taken by my little old camera LOL

I was hoping to get a better picture of the couple... She was a Gorgeous Bride!

Lovely Dessert Table!

Yummy Strawberry Jalapeno Jam!!!

Loved the cake...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Diners, Drive-In's and Dives #1

Before Mark and I go to bed,  most of the time we watch one of our fave shows Diners, Drive-In's and Dives on Food Network! LOL  Who doesn't love food??? We love finding out about new restaurants near our area.  So, we decided every time we find out about a local spot, we plan to check em' out! hehehe

Honestly, growing up I was never really into the whole breakfast feast. When I met my Husband, he loved " The Breakfast Feast." LOL With that being said, it grew on me and now I love it!!!  So one night we watched our show and sure enough an Awesome Diner popped up which happened to be in Berkeley 20 min away from us... We decided to have brunch there & I must say it was super YUMMY!!!  I didn't realize that it has been in this area where I go to at times. The location is a short strip of  cute little boutique stores and restaurants! So after we ate we walked the strip and enjoyed the weather=)  Love these kind of days! Simple & Sweet♥

Definitely coming back for their Banana Souffle Pancake..

Aren't these cute?  These were right next door from Bette's Diner... I only bought 2 pieces.. one Smore's & Banana Peanut Butter which I liked out of the two....=)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hair Candy

Just wanted to share something lovely
Have a safe weekend! xo

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Art Isn't Always Happy... by Carrie

To my fellow bloggers... I would like to share my friend Carrie's link coming from her blog Hip Chick Designs... I so happened to run into this tonight.  This post really touched & inspired me! I hope it will for you too! 
Please click on link:

God Bless!